Bring a responsible adult to drive you/accompany you home, and any questions that you have regarding your procedure. Also, bring all medications you are taking to include vitamins, supplements, and over the counter medications to the procedure. Please leave phones, purse/wallet and electronic devices with the driver as well as removed dentures and glasses.

Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put back on. You will be able to wear socks during your exam as the room is often cool.

Yes, you may wear your dentures to the facility. However, do not use adhesive as you may be asked to remove them prior to the procedure.

We ask that your ride remain in the lobby while we get you ready for your exam and during the procedure. If you wish, after your procedure is complete, your ride can sit with you in the recovery area until you are ready to go home. Due to the limited space, we ask you to please bring only one person with you if at all possible.

Women 50 years old or younger will require a pregnancy test unless medical history indicates a test is not needed. If you don’t bring your urine specimen with you, we will ask you to give us one upon arrival so we can test it prior to your procedure.

Yes, your menstrual period will not interfere with the procedure nor the results.

It is not safe to drive after receiving sedation. If you receive sedation, you will not be allowed to drive or ride a bus/taxi by yourself. Your responsible adult must stay on the premises throughout the duration of your procedure. These rules also apply when using FAST, UBER or LYFT.

Your visit will take approximately 2 hours from the time you check-in to check-out. Due to the long wait we ask you to refrain from bringing children.

Although you will be at our facility approximately 2 hours, the procedure itself is usually about 30 minutes.

While we know your time is valuable, we must pay close attention to the needs of all of our patients. Some procedures may take longer than usual or require additional care that was not anticipated (additional procedures or counseling). Be assured that we do our best to efficiently deliver the best care to all of our patients. However, the schedule may be delayed from time to time due to procedures ahead of yours.

Avoid eating seeds, nuts, popcorn, kernel corn, raw fruits or vegetables for 3 days prior to your scheduled exam. The day BEFORE the procedure you will need to be on a CLEAR LIQUID diet ONLY.

NO gum & candy is allowed the day of your procedure.

Yes. When your procedure is scheduled, the office staff will give you specific instructions of when to stop eating or drinking. If you are unsure about these instructions, please call the office to clarify this information. Do not have anything to drink at least 2 hours prior to the procedure.

Please do, brushing your teeth or using mouth wash will not interfere with the procedure.

Continue your heart, blood pressure, seizure, and breathing medication including the ones due the morning of your exam up to 2 hours prior to arrival with only a sip of water. Continue taking aspirin unless otherwise advised by your physician. Medications for Diabetes and blood thinners will likely need to be adjusted for the procedure. Please let your physician know if you are taking any blood thinners or diabetes medications.

STOP Phenteramine or other weight loss drugs two weeks prior to the procedure. Stop non-essential vitamins, iron and fiber supplement medication 7 days prior to your procedure. Do not use any recreational drugs as they may react with the sedation medications.

Antibiotics are not usually recommended for endoscopy procedures. If you have been told in the past to take antibiotics prior to a procedure, discuss this with your GI doctor at your office visit.

Yes. The physician will discuss the results of your exam with you after you wake up in the recovery area. Sedation may cause you to forget things after the procedure, it may be helpful to have someone with you when the doctor gives you your results.

Results of biopsies or polyps removed will usually return to the office within a week. A letter describing the findings and any follow up recommendations will be sent to you. If more studies need to be scheduled or if a change in your treatment is required, you will receive a phone call from the physician or nurse. Please call the office if you have not heard the results of any biopsies within two weeks.

Upper endoscopy or EGD requires only that the patient has fasted throughout the night, we generally ask to have nothing else to eat or drink after 10 pm the night before the procedure.

Colonoscopy requires a cleansing prep in order to safely examine the walls of your colon. Specific instructions should be given and explained to you at the time your procedure is scheduled. This prep may start working immediately. You should anticipate being in and out of the bathroom throughout this process.
If you have questions regarding the exam, please ask the office staff or physician at the time of your appointment. Please be aware that it is VERY important to complete your prep as instructed in order to be clean for your exam.

PLEASE NOTE THE “NOTHING TO DRINK AFTER” TIME LISTED ON YOUR PREP INSTRUCTIONS!!! It is very important you stop all intake, including water, at the time written on your instructions.

For other procedures such as sigmoidoscopy or capsule endoscopy, you will receive modified prep instructions at the time your appointment is scheduled.

Some people experience symptoms of nausea and vomiting with the prep. If having nausea, slow down the rate at which you are taking the prep, butterscotch candy may alleviate the symptoms. Be sure to remain on a clear liquid diet. If nausea or vomiting persists, stop the prep and call your physician or the physician on call for further instructions (after hours you can call 910-323-2477 and follow the directions of the answering machine to reach our on call doctor). If you have had problems with a specific prep in the past, be sure to discuss this with your physician or staff at the time your procedure is scheduled.

Be sure to follow the nurse’s instructions and NOT the insert or pharmacist.

Finish your prep. You may have a bowel movement within the hour but for some people may take a little longer.

If you have not gone to the bathroom at all throughout the night and it is time for your 2nd part of the prep, you will need to call their MD or the Endo Center.

Yes, you may have solid stool higher in the colon that still needs to be flushed out.

Yes, you must take the prep as directed in order to be completely clean.

You should be able to see through to the bottom of the toilet. If you took the prep as instructed, it is OK to see some small flecks, this should not interfere with the exam.

Try not to wipe or rub when you use the toilet. You may use a wet/warm washcloth or non-alcohol base wipe to clean, you can also wash the area with warm water after every bowel movement.

Due to the anesthesia you will receive, please do not smoke the day of your procedure.